Machete attacks on animals admitted by teen

| 18 August 2012 10:16 am | 5 Comments
One of the three injured horses.

One of the three injured horses.

A youth, 17, has admitted using a machete to attacking animals at a popular Virginia farm park and the adjoining riding operation.

The youth was convicted on Wednesday of three felony counts of animal maiming and a misdemeanor trespassing charge in Fairfax County’s juvenile court, the Washington Post  reported.

The Herndon teen was convicted over the attacks, which occurred a month apart at Herndon’s Frying Pan Farm Park and the adjoining operation of the Spirit Open Equestrian Program, which provides riding opportunities for people with disabilities.

The attacker used a 22-inch machete to inflict the wounds on the animals, all of whom survived.

The youth slashed three horses used in the equestrian program on the night of April 26, leaving them with hindquarter gashes.

Police were told by an informant that the youth had attacked the horses after getting angry over his failed attempt to video himself riding one of them. The animal had bucked him off.

The second attack, at Kidwell Barn in Frying Pan Park a month later, resulted in injuries to a calf, a chick, a goat and its kid.

The teen is scheduled to be sentenced later this year, the newspaper reported.


The injured calf was still being bottle fed at the time of the attack, and would approach anyone who came near thinking he might be fed.

The injured calf was still being bottle fed at the time of the attack, and would approach anyone who came near thinking he might be fed.



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  1. Deby Zimmerman says:

    This is one horribly messed up kid and if he isn’t given mental help now, the next time he goes off like this will be against someone’s little child!! Are you ready to be responsible for THAT to happen????? What he has exhibited here is just the precurser to going on to killing humans. This is just the early stages. Get him committed NOW!!!!!

  2. Keith Mahone says:

    Hmmm, let’s see: Herndon? Machete? I’m guessing this kid would qualify for Obama’s amnesty with all the bells and whistles.

  3. Ellen says:

    This teen does need help, that is for sure, but my heart goes out to the animals and their owners, i do hope they all recover and have no fear of human interaction from this. It is such a sad thing to have happen.

  4. Kathryn Baker says:

    I’m glad they caught him. He needs help and hopefully he won’t do this kind of thing again. He needs to be watched closely, I wouldn’t trust him.

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