State case against walking horse trainer rescheduled

| 26 September 2012 8:44 am
Jackie McConnell

Jackie McConnell

State charges against walking horse trainer Jackie McConnell have been rescheduled until November 13 while parties try to finalize a plea deal.

McConnell last week received a $US75,000 fine and three years’ probation as a result of a federal prosecution under the Horse Protection Act.

He had admitted the first count in a 52-count indictment that resulted from undercover footage obtained by the Humane Society of the United States from McConnell’s stable that showed walking-horse abuse.

However, McConnell, from Collierville, still faces 17 state charges of animal cruelty resulting from the same undercover footage.

That case was rescheduled on Tuesday morning to November in Fayette County General Sessions Court.

McConnell’s legal representatives are hoping to cut a deal in which he won’t receive a jail term.

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  1. Kathryn Baker says:

    Jackie McConnell is a cruel sob who should do jailtime. This is just another example of the judicial system “rescheduling” things so that lawyers can try to get that scumbag off. This really makes me mad.

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