Horse does $US4000 in damage in bike shop

| 19 February 2013 8:39 am

bassett-californiaA horse that ran amok inside a California bicycle shop did damage estimated at up to $US4000.

The spooked mare ran inside the story in Bassett on Sunday, breaking glass, becoming entangled in bikes, and causing three patrons to flee.

Staff in Reyes Bicycle Shop, in the 13000 block of Valley Boulevard, could do little as the horse set about moving through the store, damaging bikes in the process.

One report suggested the animal was loose in the store for up to 45 minutes before exiting of her own accord.

The horse suffered cuts during her ordeal, which began after she spooked on a horse trailer and broke free. She was taken away for treatment.

One report said the horse’s caregiver had agreed to pay for the damage.


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