Aussie firm creates luxury set of wheels for horses

| 14 June 2013 11:09 am
Rivenlee Floats' three-storey horse truck.

Rivenlee Floats’ three-storey horse truck.

A select group of horses in Australia will soon be travelling in the lap of luxury, aboard a new $A1.1 million horse truck.

two-storey-horsetruck5Rivenlee Floats, in West Gosford, New South Wales, has produced the three-level semi-trailer for the owner of a northern Queensland cattle property who has an interest in the horse sport of camp drafting.

It is believed to be the biggest horse truck made in Australia.

Rivenlee Floats owner Peter Jakins said the buyer wanted the best, and he believed his firm had delivered just that.

The firm took 10 months to complete the vehicle, with an average of five or so staff working on it at any one time.

The lower level comprises room for 14 horses, finished in stainless steel, and accommodation for two strappers.

Upstairs, the truck boasts two bedrooms and a lounge-kitchen area.

Jakins told Horsetalk that the maximum permissible height in Australia for a truck was 4.3 metres, so the entire 48-foot roof of the semi-trailer was built to be able to be lifted by hydraulics a further 1.1 metres to provide full headroom in the upstairs area.

two-storey-horsetruck2The third level, which can be accessed by an attic ladder, comprises a viewing platform, complete with stainless steel fold-up handrails. There are also anchor points for large umbrellas to provide spectators with shade.

In all, the semi-trailer can sleep six.

There are no problems with ablutions – there are two bathrooms – and it even has a second kitchen.

There is a built-in barbecue for those warm evenings and it carries its own yarding which can be erected.

Jakins says the unit is pulled by a Mercedes prime mover (tractor unit).

Rivenlee Floats was founded 15 years ago in Gosford, north of Sydney. It has now a second base, further north in Armidale.



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  1. margaret weiss says:

    Thats the way to travel. Talk about a road show.

  2. Finola says:

    This is going on my lottery list, if it comes in blue ?

  3. none says:

    very big but not so beautiful. uncozy and cant even to through tunnels because of the hight.

  4. Amira says:

    Nope. Think I’m happier sleeping on a camp stretcher in the back of my float. You’re going to a horse show that is full of dust, mud and dirt. This kind of ‘luxury’ is ridiculous.

  5. Joel says:

    actually it sais the roof lowers and raises for headroom, so while driving you keep it lowered, when not driving you raise it up and can use it as.. well.. a home

  6. Kim says:

    Good on who ever owns it hope they enjoy it looks wonderful.

  7. sam says:

    personally I think its ridiculous…… wouldnt want to travel in this either .. the horse compartments look tight and uncomfortable….. just my thoughts.

  8. …if I had that kind of money, Id love this kind of horse transport, purely because I could invite all of my lovely friends to come & enjoy it with me.

    The ultimate in party-horse-wagons.

    Happy health to all those equines who sail in it!

  9. Teren says:

    I was interested in seeing how the horses were accommodated – but no pictures of that…

  10. Jill says:

    I think that is amazing and to the people that don’t like it I think are crackers cos anyone would dream to have a wagon like that obviously my 7.5 wagon that was 50 grand isn’t as
    Posh as some of them

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