Large woman with whip atop pony sparks anger

| 6 July 2013 9:32 am
A still from the video.

A still from the video.

A video which went viral, showing an overweight woman sitting on a miniature horse, has resulted in the arrest of three people, according to Dutch news reports.

Two 57-year-old men and a 58-year-old woman were arrested in the Dutch town of Groningen on Wednesday after the video of the woman was posted online and went viral.

The charges allege animal abuse.

Internet users expressed their anger over the miniature’s treatment on websites and in social media.

The footage shows the gelding or stallion clearly struggling to hold the weight of the overweight woman, who is wearing a black lace top and carrying a whip.

miniature-video2The pony eventually goes down. The video shows the woman continuing to sit on the pony, even after the animal is no longer standing.

The Volkskrant newspaper reported that two of those involved reported to police after the video hit the headlines.

The third party arrested is understood to be involved in a production company, and was not present when the video was filmed.

MPs from the animal rights party PvdD have called on Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten to increase monitoring of animal abuse, with reports suggesting other online videos are now under investigation.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Is the pony ok? Have they siezed it?

  2. Sarah says:

    Amanda, the pony died two months later.

    • BtA says:

      Sarah, do you have a source? I’ll post back to my page on progress on this and that matters.

  3. Debra says:


  4. jane collier says:

    she needs shooting poor pony

  5. Davinia Hernández Gómez says:

    Maldita bruja, mejor tuvieras vergüenza. Bruta, pobre pony.

  6. Jola says:

    To małpa dajcie mi ja zrobie jej to samo!!!!!
    DEBIL !!!

  7. Squirt says:

    Posting from the USA…Shoot those skanky people DEAD! RIP Little One up on the Rainbow Bridge.

  8. Sarah Young says:

    How disgusting, selfish humans again. They should be locked up and sat on

  9. DB says:

    That stupid fat lump should no better.. How cruel.. Why doesn’t someone climb on her back and ride her into the ground.. i hope you rot you vile people!!!

  10. So sick and tired of scuzzbag people in this world who do these horrid things to animals, children, and defenseless people. We REALLY need to either go back to eye for an eye or bring flogging in as punishment. People get a lousy slap on the wrist and don’t care and keep right on doing these things. People are lousy, cold, and heartless. It’s no wonder people end up going postal and on shooting sprees-Lord knows our shitty justice system won’t handle it so we go crazy and take matters into our own hands. I hope they rot in hell. There is no punishment strong enough for people like this.

  11. Marcella says:

    They should make her carry something three times her weight on her back while shes crawling and while theyre hitting her with a whip and see how she feels animals have feelings too they feel pain just like we do..

    • Paige says:

      No not 3 times her weigh…. That fat king kong weighs like 1k times the pony. Get something 1k times her weight (if that’s even possible to find someone even close to her size)

  12. Bella says:

    I am crying for the pony…….

  13. Dee Dee Barton says:

    This is so sad. That this poor innocent baby lost its life because of some piece of scum! I hope she has to pay dearly for what she did to this baby…and those that sat back and watched it happen. What a piece of crap this person is…I cant call her a woman!

  14. Lisa says:

    That fat pig killed a poor innocent animal!!! She is totally sick and should be prosecuted to the nth degree! She deserves to suffer MORE than the animal she has abused.

  15. turkish says:

    it is first for me to see a fat PIG riding a pony horse….i am wondering if there is more PIGS like her riding ponies……

  16. datilpepper says:

    They should have known better. I don’t even like to see kids on the mini’s. They are for looking only.

  17. Carol says:

    That fat ass and the man who was filming I hope they rot in hell, how could they do something so cruel to a animal, they have mental issues and should be locked up not just given a fine and a pat on the ass they should go to a Mental insane prison for the rest of there lives !

  18. Nancy Gramann says:

    Who are these people. Have they been formally arrested? She is acting Sado-Maso and being filmed. The man filming could have intervened… but did not. What did the pony die of?

  19. Gail Tamburo says:

    stupid fat assed bitch should be skun alive and someone twice her size tied to her back and make her carry them around all the while beating her ass with a whip till she drops too good for her

  20. Gail Tamburo says:

    please keep posting results want to know if she got what she deserves

  21. Diane Giannotti says:

    What a disgusting horrible woman to do such a horrible horific thing to a little pony. Is this how you get your enjoyment in life! You are a horrible person that doesn’t deserve to live in this world. You should be tortured just like you did to this little pony. Shame on you – I hope justice is served and you suffer greatly.

  22. Bonnie Daut says:


  23. MAthias says:

    Fat, evil, bitch

  24. Marilyn Rodefer says:

    The fat slob riding that little pony should have a 300 pound man sitting on her and whipping and yanking her around to see how it feels. This is another disgusting sight of the cruel humans that live in this world and abuse helpless animals. I hope the judge gives this woman and her cohort the maximum sentence for this animal cruelty. Please, not a slap on the wrist so they can continue with their animal abuse.

  25. Aleksander says:

    I hope you die in agony,disgusting fat bitch.

  26. Donna says:

    I understand the pony died a long while back, and three people were charged with animal cruelty. I personally feel an eye for an eye would be better in this case.

  27. Donna says:

    I had heard it was what is called a CRUSH FILM…I looked up what that meant. It is apparently some type of turn on for people to crush living animals…how sick is that… they gain some type of pleasure from it. Looked it up on wiki.
    They should be kept away from animals and children too. Sick.

  28. Gloria says:

    There are no words that can be said for the loss of the pony , except sorry that humans are such disgusting species that we would do any thing like this and if the officials only give these morons a slap on the hand their no better than the people that did this , I do hope there is a Rainbow bridges so this pony will be waiting and when these people try to cross well you get the picture … The pony look older and I’m wondering where they got him from ,I’m sure the stress on the pony was to much and eventually took a toll on his body , who knows how long they were torch ring this poor pony before this went viral , I just hope he was put in good hands after this and went to the bridge with a loving human at his side ★ღ ˚ 。✰

  29. Ellie Villoch says:

    This is a disgrace…they should be gathered up and shot!!!!! They should ride her like that and then the way she sits on the horse over and over again, probably broke his ribs…poor thing! You could see he was suffering! How could someone do that to such an innocent little animal?

  30. Jack Mulligan says:

    Does anyone know what sentence they got? If they were not sent down for years the Dutch public / world needs to do something about this, even taking it into there own hands if the justice system is cowardly.

  31. BtA says:

    The internet does something useful!! We were sharing this video hoping to find and shame that woman, so glad official action is being taken. What a terrible representative of her country and of humanity.

  32. Louise says:

    I would like to know what happened to the fat horrible women I feel so sad poor little pony such cruel people !!!

  33. vigilante says:

    Vigilantes Against Animal Cruelty. Identify them. And KILL THEM. Give this poor animal the justice that the official justice system of Holland will DEFINITELY have failed to give it.

    • Deby says:

      I want their names. Have their names been published anywhere? All I can find is two 57 year old men and a 58 year old woman were involved in torturing the pony. Also something about Napoleon Horse cult that filmed this horrific act of cruelty!! I thought the Dutch were civilized, but then read that this sort if cruelty is common in the Netherlands…..

  34. Poppy says:

    I remember watching this video o few months ago and it made me feel sick. To now know the poor pony died not long after this is awful. Does she think she is funny? Thinking she is amazing in her black lace top riding a tiny pony and then sitting on it whilst it’s collapsed! Hope she rots in hell the fat cow!

  35. Pat says:

    evil fat cow and her evil companions need to be jumped on and crushed like they did to this poor pony. How did they manage to acquire this pony and did it manage to get away before he died. How many other animals are suffering because of this weird fetish these scum have, hope to god they are never let any where near children. Please let us know what sentence these scum have

  36. Sara says:

    Agreed, this is so awful, was hoping the pony would still be alive. Would definitely like to know the outcome of the sentencing. Does anyone know?

  37. francine says:

    Someone please tell me that these sadistc POS’s are rotting in jail somewhere! My heart hurts for that poor pony. He’s in a better place now, but no animal should have to suffer at the hands of subhuman scum like these!

  38. sissy says:

    Please tell me how to view the viedo again I want everyone I know to see this I cannot get the video only still pictures

  39. Barbie Rdrgz says:

    I hate animal abusers of any kind, animals are sweet & innocent. until some savage abused & corrupted them :( makes me so angry at them I wish I could wipe them out of this world@

  40. Deby says:

    The people that participated in the torture of this tiny pony and probably many other animals are sick and broken. There is something missing in them. They have no remorse, no souls. They are very dangerous and do not deserve to live. Law enforcement should look very closely at these sociopathic people. They may discover they have participated in even worse crimes…..

  41. Elana says:

    That fat sick cow and her partner in crime should be beaten to death! Shaming and arresting them is not going to teach them! “Oh Maam, you stop doing it!” C’mon. No, it’s not the language they understand. Make them suffer to the end of their days, preferably spending them on their four in their own vomit and crap.

  42. Sharon Andrews says:

    This happened in July of 2013, and to this day the Dutch government has not released the names of the people who were responsible. Most likely because they knew that this people, if known, would be under death threats from all over the world. My personal fantasy for this woman? A three hundred pound samurai rides her, whips her fat ass, crashes his full weight onto her, destroying her back, kidneys, and lungs, and then, when she collapses, sits on her and smokes a cigarette while she slowly suffocates. The pony most likely died of internal injuries caused by 200 pounds of weight crashing into his body and destroying his ribs and internal organs.

  43. Cathy Albrecht says:

    That fat b…. needs to have that pony shoved up her a ……………. Literally.

  44. Cathy Albrecht says:

    And I would gladly do it.

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