NZ wild horse unseats motorcyclist, tramples him

| 14 December 2013 8:15 pm

eye-stockA man was airlifted to hospital in New Zealand’s North Island today after a Kaimanawa wild horse reportedly knocked him from his motorcycle and may have trampled him.

The 57-year-old man suffered an open fracture to his thigh bone in the incident.

He was flown by the Greenlea Rescue helicopter to Waikato Hospital.

The man was riding with friends in the foothills of the Kaimanawa Ranges when they spied a  band of wild horses on course to cross the track in front of them.

It is understood one of the horses collided with him, knocking the man from his motorcycle.

The animal may have stomped him in the immediate confusion that followed, before making off.

The rescue unfolded as an electrical storm dumped heavy rain at the scene.

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  1. Deb Crump says:

    Sounds like a “tui’s” ad to me, a genuine wild horse will hear a motorbike a mile off and certainly won’t head towards one! Horses are instinctively “flight” animals, I have never in 40 years seen a wild horse deliberately head towards a noisy foreign object (unless under pressure such as being chased). Something isn’t quite correct with this story, would be nice to hear the “real” story. BTW are motorbikes now allowed in the national park?

  2. Dinsdale5 says:

    I’ve never heard of a horse, either feral or not, ever approaching a noisy vehicle, but they would flee from it. This report doesn’t ring true. Is there some information that was not given in the report, such as the biker was chasing the animals down and cornered them? If this is what happened, then the biker certainly got what he asked for.

  3. "Mikey" Porter says:

    I would say there are details in this story that are not revealed… Not in a wild horse’s nature to even approach, let alone attack, a motorized vehicle. Trapped, threatened, frightened animals will take flight so I question what this cyclist was up to …….

  4. Kelly Smith says:

    I agree!!! To get that up close and personal they had to have had it Surrounded or cornered. Sounds like there is more to that story and the horse won! They will make every effort to run away, even if that means over a motorcycle and it’s rider! Truth is the motorcycles were way too close for the horses natural response.

  5. James was there says:

    To the comments so far, I was on this trail ride. I wasn’t with the group that ran into the horses but with another group on another section of the ride. Yes the rider was hit by a horse and suffered a fractured femur, our leader got the message via radio comms and in the next days briefing before riding again we were told to be aware of the horses. Last year on this same ride I did see two groups of horses once cross our path within 100 metres and another group run along side us before heading off again so they do get close to dirt bikes and don’t seem too scared of them. It’s in the army training area and was an army organised lead ride through their training areas. Highly recommended too, awesome terrain for dirt biking.

  6. event-safety-medics says:

    As one of the Medics on this organised trail ride I watched this unfold from approx 100m away, there was a mob of horses that were spooked by the bikes coming down one of the ridge lines, they initially ran away from the bikes but due to the terrain they ended up turning and heading at a full gallop towards the line of bikes coming down the hill and subsequently collided with the rider throwing him from the track and kicking him as it got up. This is not the first site I have seen where everyone assumes the bike riders were chasing the horses.

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