Australian state premier comes to aid of injured horse

| 17 January 2014 8:48 am
Denis Napthine

Denis Napthine

Who better than an Australian state premier to help you out with an injured horse on the roadside?

Victorian premier Dr Denis Napthine, a veterinarian turned politician, was in the right place at the right time to help an injured standardbred.

Napthine was on his way to open a hospital’s emergency department when he came across an overturned horse trailer on Melbourne’s Western Ring Road.

The trailer had tipped following a tyre blowout. The horse had been removed and was being held on the roadside.

Napthine, who is also racing minister, checked the horse over for the owners.

“I was able to use my veterinary skills to give the horse the once-over,” he told reporters.

“It had some cuts and abrasions, but they were of a minor nature.

“[The owners] were very pleased to see somebody assisting, and when they understood it was the premier, who was a qualified veterinarian, I think they were very pleased.”

Napthine qualified in the early 1970s with a bachelor and master’s degree in veterinary science from Melbourne University.

He worked as a veterinarian and administrator for the agriculture department, before being elected to state parliament.

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  1. Ron Melancon says:

    This iS what happens when you don’t use a ST RATED tire! No national safety standards for all of these horse trailers and your government knows! Go to we have the evidence.

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