Donkey the “group leader” as horses wander down Calgary road

| 21 April 2014 9:15 am


A donkey was accused of being the ringleader as five horses were led on a merry trot across a rural area of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada. It may not have been the story of the century, but the tweets were flying and a police helicopter was even overhead monitoring the action.

The animals were spotted on the move early on Saturday evening, heading down 37 Street near 146 Avenue S.W.

“The donkey was the group leader,” duty inspector Nancy Farmer told the Calgary Herald.

“It looks like they know where the heck they want to go,” she said, as video footage from the helicopter was transmitted live to the police control room.

It appeared at one point as if the animals were trying to get back into a pasture, without success. And then, some people appeared on the scene and within a few minutes the horses were safely off the road.


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