Fines and costs of more than $A50,000 in horse neglect case

| 28 April 2014 1:50 pm
Above and below: The condition of one of the horses seized,

Above and below: The condition of one of the horses seized. nsw-rspca-before1 The horses were seized last year.

An Australian woman who failed to appear in court on 54 charges involving horse neglect faces fines and costs of more than $A50,000 and has been ordered to surrender all horses in her care.

The case against Janice L Northey was called in Bega Local Court, in New South Wales, last week.

Northey was convicted in her absence. She was fined a total of $A23,000, ordered to pay $A24,677.61 in veterinary fees, and $A4400 in professional costs.

All horses in her care are to be surrendered to the RSPCA and she is also banned from purchasing, acquiring or taking possession of any horses for 10 years.

Northey was convicted of 20 charges of failing to provide veterinary treatment to a horse and 34 charges of failing to provide sufficient food and water to a horse.

On February 12 last year, New South wales RSPCA inspectors, accompanied by a veterinarian, visited paddocks in the Candelo area containing 166 horses.

The seized horses responded well in care.

The seized horses responded well in care. Northey faces a veterinary bill of nearly $A25,000. Northey faces a veterinary bill of nearly $A25,000.

During this inspection and subsequent visits to the property between February 21 and August 7, horses were observed to be in very poor body condition with various medical conditions evident. These included skin conditions, overgrown hooves and severe dental disease.

Working with Northey, RSPCA inspectors issued instructions to improve the welfare conditions of the animals.

Following her failure to adhere to these instructions, horses in immediate need of veterinary attention were seized from the property.

Northey must report to Bega Police station for fingerprinting within one month of her conviction.

All charges were brought under Australia’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

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  1. Amanda says:

    She has applied for an annulment application as the verdict happened without her being there, I imagine but don’t know for sure that it will be decided on the day wether they grant that or not.
    Then I guess either the conviction will stand and she can appeal it or the whole case will need to be heard again.
    Early May the RSPCA said it will be decided about the annulment.

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