Oracle burro has spoken: Germany to win Fifa World Cup

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Cisco goes for Germany. Photo: El Paso Zoo

Cisco goes for Germany. Photo: El Paso Zoo

El Paso Zoo in Texas is an unlikely home for a football-loving soothsayer, but who are we to judge?

Cisco has made his pick for tomorrow’s FIFA World Cup final between Germany and Argentina, and the news is not good for the South American contenders for sport’s biggest prize.

Cisco, given the choice of two footballs, chose the German one.

However, in what may well be a glimmer of hope for Argentinians, he did rather give the German ball a hard time, mostly demolishing it.

Senior keeper Kenny Riley admits Cisco is still new to the whole prediction game, but he is definitely a big football fan. There is nothing Cisco enjoys more than kicking a soccer ball around.

“This is Cisco’s first time predicting the winner of a game but we think it will be fun since he loves playing soccer,” Riley said beforehand.

“Visitors don’t always get to watch him play because he’s shy, but we’re hoping his enthusiasm for soccer will help him overcome his bashfulness.”

Cisco may have gone for Germany, but he certainly gave the ball a hard time. Photo: El Paso Zoo

Cisco may have gone for Germany, but he certainly gave the ball a hard time. Photo: El Paso Zoo

Lionel Messi will lead Argentina against Germany at Maracana Stadium tomorrow, following the German side’s 7-1 demolition of Brazil in the semifinal.

Argentina advanced to the final after winning a penalty shootout against the Netherlands, after 120 minutes of football failed to produce a goal.

The final is expected to draw a global audience of about a 1 billion.

Cisco’s football fun is what the zoo describes as part of his enrichment program, to ensure he has mental and physical stimulation.

Fans, commenting in social media on Cisco’s prediction, had a mixed reaction, depending on where their allegiances lay.

“Not the first time a donkey is wrong,” commented Raul Melendez.

“What a jackass,” said Jason Pote. “Germany will lose.”

Among Cisco’s supporters was Yvonne Spencer. “Smart donkey,” she wrote.

“Good donkey,” delcared Mery Em.


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