Author Archive for Carol Michael

Carol Michael of Phytorigins has over 25 years of experience in plant chemistry, physiology and microbiology including plant extraction methods and analysis of plant compounds to benefit horse health. She has used this knowledge to advise trainers of sport horses and the veterinarian profession on the forensics of plant molecules in competition and possible conflicts with the ever increasing prohibited list of medication.

New Zealand research reveals the country has a significant number of stay-at-home horses.

Sweets for my sweet – but how safe is your grass?

Grasses high in fructans are great for cattle, but they can be dangerous for horses.

A laminitic pony.

Laminitis: not just for the spring

Research into native grasses aims to develop certified grass seen low in sugar and carbs.

The synthetic drug Warfarin was originally developed from a spoiled clover crop which contained a bacterial metabolite of coumarin over 50 years ago. Therefore, figuratively speaking, what quantity of hay might give rise to a positive dope test?

Why riders are confused about positive dope tests

Plant chemicals in many feeds are molecularly almost identical to synthetic drugs.

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