Saddle Club television stars produce album

May 23, 2009

L-R: Carole (Victoria Campbell), Lisa (Ariel Kaplan), and Stevie (Lauren Dixon), better known as The Saddle Club, will perform songs from their new CD "Best Friends" at BreyerFest next month.

The stars of the The Saddle Club television series have produced a 12-song album, which also features 12 karaoke tracks.

The trio - Victoria Campbell (who plays Carole), Ariel Kaplan (Lisa) and Lauren Dixon (Stevie) - will launch the CD, entitled Best Friends, in North America at BreyerFest, a celebration of the model horses produced by Breyer Animal Creations.

The girls are the stars of the popular live-action TV series about three 12-year-old girls and their horses, based on the best-selling books by Bonnie Bryant.

The Saddle Club has grown into a global brand with Breyer holding the master toy license for North America.

Best Friends is already selling well in some countries, with David Williams, president of Shock Australia, which produced the album, saying a track reached number eight in the pop singles charts in France.

"And it's been wildly popular in Australia," he says.

The album includes a new version of the theme song, "Hello World".

The TV series series follows the adventures of Stevie, Carole and Lisa - the girls who formed the Saddle Club at Pine Hollow Stables.

Since the publication of Horse Crazy, the first book by children's author Bonnie Bryant, more than 16 million books in the 110-title series have been sold worldwide.

The success of the books inspired the TV series, licensing and merchandising. The TV series first premiered in 2001 on the ABC Network in Australia, YTV in Canada, followed by the Discovery Kids Channel in the US.

The Saddle Club is currently seen in more than 50 countries. In the United States, the show is aired on Discovery Kids and American Public Television.

BreyerFest will be held from July 17-19 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.