Remington claims title as world's tallest living horse

September 25, 2009

by Neil Clarkson

Remington has just been recognised as the world's tallest living horse by Guinness.

It has long been said that everything is bigger in Texas, and mighty Remington is no exception.

The Clydesdale, who tips the scales at around 1360 kilograms (3000 pounds), has just been recognised as the world's tallest living horse.

He was officially measured at 80 inches, without shoes, at the withers, eclipsing the Guinness World Record of 79.5 inches held since 2004.

The official measuring took place in June at the clinic of Remington's vet in Frisco, and has just been confirmed by Guinness.

Proud owner Cheryl Davis, of Princeton, says the 20-hand giant has a great temperament. "He is really quite the character," she says. "He is like a big, playful puppy."

She got the gelding as an 18-month-old, when he was already nearly 18 hands.

"He was a big boy," she recalls, "but I didn't expect for him to get this tall. He just kept growing and growing and growing.

"We had thought he might top out at 18 and a half hands," she told Horsetalk.

She got him primarily as a replacement for a carriage-pulling Shire horse who was coming up for retirement.

Remington got to hang out in his paddock and barn for the first six years of his life, while his growing continued apace. "He got to be a slacker," jokes Cheryl.

He then entered training to become a carriage horse, under the tutelage of her business partner, Bunny Morrissey.

The pair run a business in North Texas providing carriage rides for weddings, parades, special events and private functions.

Remington pulls a carriage and there is a wagon, which he pulls with up to eight adults and two children on board, with ease.

Cheryl says Remington's size means everything needs to be tailor-made for him. For example, the shafts on the carriage need to be 105 inches for Remington, whereas 85-86 inches is fine for most carriage horses.

The floor to the horse trailer that carries him had to be double-reinforced, she said.

The horses don't work in the hotter months in Texas, she says, because it would be too hard on them.

Remington is taking his new-found fame in his lengthy stride.

Cheryl says a new, smaller pair of carriage horses will take some workload off Remington in the coming season, meaning the towering black-and-white figure can be reserved for special occasions.

He has his own blog. His exploits can be followed here.

"He has actually got quite an international following," Cheryl says.

"We had a lot of support [for the record attempt] from Brazil, Spain and Great Britain. It's fascinating. I love sharing him with everybody."

Remington with trainer/driver Bunny Morrissey, who is 5'8". She uses a step stool to harness him. The picture was taken last year, when they were preparing for a sweet 16 party. © Bette Porter