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Wild horses in Wyoming.

Third horse ecosanctuary approved by US authorities

Sanctuary to located near Lander, Wyoming.

NZ among best countries for animal protection

NZ among best countries for animal protection

New Zealand included in ‘A’ ranked countries, alongside the UK, Switzerland and Austria.

Wild horses in Wyoming.

State of Wyoming sues feds over wild horse management

BLM does not have the resources to manage wild horses effectively, says state governor.

Wild horse 'whispering' DVD to aid US mustangs

Wild horse ‘whispering’ DVD to aid US mustangs

Programme helps create stress-free, trust-based partnership to gentle the wild mustang.

Wild horses in the Triple B Herd Management Area. Photo: BLM

Two Nevada wild horse musters in coming days

Mustangs said to be straying on to highway and private land.

One of the foals captured during the Reveille operation in Nevada. Photo: Wild Horse Eduction

Better data crucial in improving the lot of wild horses, says advocate

Latest muster in Nevada nears completion.

Horse seen at a watering trough in the Bellehelen portion of the Reveille HMA. Some of the horses in the Reveille HMA are "Stone Cabin Grays". Photo: BLM

American wild horse advocates seek freeze on roundups

“Right now native wild horses are at risk of being ruined by bad policy.”

Free-ranging wild horses. © BLM/Utah

Drought sparks emergency wild horse muster in Oregon

Federal land managers to remove up to 75 mustangs because of water shortage.

Tommy Waara, pictured on his Kaimanawa, is one of the trainers taking part in the Kaimanawa Stallion Challenge.

Wild horse showdown to prove Kaimanawas are ‘more than bush ponies’

Former wild stallions to show their skills and trainability at Equidays.

An artist's impression of the Yukon Horse, dating back 26,000 years.

Are North America’s wild horses native?

Equus the only surviving genus in a once diverse family of horses that included 27 genera.

Twenty mustangs are the first to join a new wild horse training program at a Sacramento correctional center.

California inmates get to work with wild horses

New program introduced at Sacramento correctional center.

Wild horses in Wyoming.

HSUS boss renews call for reform of wild horse management program

Call comes as hundreds of mustangs are targeted in Wyoming.

Wild horses in Wyoming.

Court clears way for roundup on Wyoming’s Checkerboard lands

Advocates call it a stinging blow to those wanting to protect mustangs.

More than 1100 mustangs to be moved after Utah axes inmate program

More than 1100 mustangs to be moved after Utah axes inmate program

BLM has until October 6 to move horses from Gunnison Prison.

Wild horses in Wyoming.

Wild horse advocates make next move in Wyoming checkerboard case

Advocates to appeal against denial of preliminary injunction.

Wild horses in Wyoming.

Wild horse advocates oppose state’s bid to intervene in court case

More legal moves over mustangs on Wyoming’s checkerboard lands.

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead: "We are not against having wild horses on the public lands but they need to be managed appropriately."

Wyoming’s governor backs BLM’s checkerboard muster

Battle over fate of more than 800 mustangs intensifies.

Wild horses in Wyoming.

Wyoming wild horse muster delayed over court action by advocates

Bid to prevent roundup on Wyoming’s checkerboard lands.

Safe haven for historic Spanish mustangs

Safe haven for historic Spanish mustangs

Descendants of Spanish horses brought to Americas by Juan de Onate safe in Arizona.

Wild horses in Nevada.

Advocate drops lawsuit over access to wild horses

Deal done to improve access to roundups and horses in holding.

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