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Double vision as two Grevy's zebra foals born in one day

Double vision as two Grevy’s zebra foals born in one day

Numbers of endangered breed boosted after two foals born in Florida earlier this month.

A zebra in South Africa.

Zebras make effort to avoid human threat during migrations – study

Avoiding human threat trumps need to avoid predators and find food.

Makena leads Tiombe around the Saint Louis Zoo's Red Rocks area.

Grevy’s zebra filly Makena takes first public steps

Filly foal born in June adds to endangered breed’s numbers.

California zoo welcomes Grevy's zebra colt foal

California zoo welcomes Grevy’s zebra colt foal

New foal at The Living Desert helps boost numbers of endangered species.

Mongolian wild ass are among the most mobile of terrestrial mammals, ranging over thousands of square kilometers each year. They are photographed grazing alongside a railway fence at Khulan. Photo: Petra Kaczensky/Vetmeduni Vienna

Railway fence hems in Mongolia’s migratory wild asses

Conservations warn of dangers posed by infrastructure growth.

Zebras have been found to migrate more than 300 miles in a north-south direction across Botswana. Photo: World Wildlife Fund

New zebra migration route discovered

Migration through Botswana and Namibia the longest of any African land mammal.

Darasa and her new filly foal, in April 2014.

Zoo mourns death of Grevy’s zebra, giraffe

Colic claims endangered Grevy’s mare, but “no clear indication” of what caused giraffe’s death.

Zonked out: Zebra-donkey hybrid born at Mexican zoo

Zonked out: Zebra-donkey hybrid born at Mexican zoo

Donkey jack from nearby farm said to be the father.

Darasa tends to her new foal. Photo: Dan Dembiec, supervisor of mammals

New Grevy’s zebra foal for Florida zoo

Healthy youngster weighs in at 82 pounds.

Scientists at the University of California, Davis, have learned why zebras, like these plains zebra in Katavi National Park, Tanzania, have stripes. Photo: Tim Caro/UC Davis

Scientists solve riddle of zebras’ stripes

Stripes discourage biting flies, American researchers conclude.

Ajani, pictured as a foal.

Grevy’s Zebra colt dies in US zoo accident

Rising two-year-old was spooked during routine activity at zoo.

Zebra, wildebeest skulls intercepted at NZ border

Zebra, wildebeest skulls intercepted at NZ border

Maggot-infested haul located at Auckland mail centre.

Is that Bigfoot or Zeke?

Zeke the “Equine Bigfoot” is home at last in Tennessee

Zebra’s five month run of freedom in Bradley County comes to an end.

Police in Kenya seize 120kg of zebra meat

Police in Kenya seize 120kg of zebra meat

Seizure made after car avoided roadblock and was pursued.

The new Grevy's filly, who was born at Chester Zoo at the weekend.

Rare Grevy’s zebra foal born in UK

Arrival at British zoo of first foal in 34 years a boost for endangered species.

Zebra in the Makgadikgadi region of northern Botswana. Photo: Makgadikgadi Zebra Migration Research project

Long electrified fence no barrier to Botswana’s zebras

Research indicates 240km fence has benefited zebra herds.

Zebra stripes generate a form of motion camouflage - researchers

Zebra stripes generate a form of motion camouflage – researchers

Moving zebras creating two well-known illusory effects.

Is that Bigfoot or Zeke?

Zeke the zebra enjoys the freedom of Tennessee

Zeke is proving as elusive as Big Foot as he evades recapture.

The new Hartmann’s mountain zebra filly born last month at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando, Florida.

Disney celebrates rare zebra foal

New foal adds to numbers of endangered zebra sub-species in the US.

Khumba. Image: Triggerfish Studios

Zebra named Khumba a new star on the silver screen

A South African studio creates a new zebra star – albeit a computer-generated one.

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