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Video: Argentina clones its first horse

October 22, 2010

Scientists have announced the cloning of the first horse in Argentina.

The colt is the first clone to be produced in Latin America.

The arrival of Nandubay Bicentennial is the result of a collaborative effort between biotechnology company Bio Sidus and the agronomy department of the University of Buenos Aires.

The clone, a colt produced from the skin cells of its donor, was born at Baradero. He is 11 weeks old.

The colt is understood to be a native breed, Criollo.

The donor was a top-performing Criollo. Its skin cells were cultured and then fused to an egg cell that had had its genetic material removed.

The resulting cell fusion created an embryo that was implanted into the uterus of a mare hormonally prepared for it.

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the University of California has reportedly certified that the donor and offspring are genetically identical.

Scientists say the colt was born after more than a year of research and he is in "perfect health".



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