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Final day images from the Burghley Horse Trials
William Fox-Pitt

September 5, 2011

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Images from the final day of the Burghley International Horse Trials,
from Mike Bain and Jan Milne.

© Horsesports Photographic

A standing ovation for William Fox-Pitt and Parklane Hawk as they clear the last fence.© Mike Bain

© Horsesports Photographic

The Fox-Pitt family cheers William on ... © Mike Bain

.. but it's a bit much for others ... © Mike Bain

© Horsesports Photographic

Lap of Honour© Mike Bain

© Horsesports Photographic

The Fox-Pitt team. © Horsesports Photographic

William's groom didn't notice the Princess Royal chatting to him and carried on cleaning his boots. ... © Mike Bain

Winner's parade. © Horsesports Photographic



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