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Horse eye scanning system a step closer to launch - video

September 26, 2011

New iris scanning technology for horses is to be used at the World Championship Show for Paint Horses later this year.

A camera with infrared illuminators is used to take an image of the horse's eye.
The eyeD system, which is to be officially launched this year, uses the unique features of the animal's iris to establish an identification code which is then electronically stored along with photos as part of pedigree registrations.

A digital photo is taken of each of the horse's eyes using a special camera. The images are then automatically converted into a unique eyePrint, which is then electronically sent to the eyeD processor via the eyeSync client software along with optional identification records and other owner defined information.

A unique 15 digit identification number is then randomly generated by the eyeD processor and matched to the horse's eyePrint. Once the information is stored, animals can be identified by a quick iris scan, resulting in an eyePrint which is then matched to the exact print and records stored in the eyeD processor. With no two irises patterns being exactly alike, eyeD technology provides more accurate results than a fingerprint.

The technology was developed in response to a worldwide interest in the need for non-invasive, accurate, low cost alternatives to microchips, tattoos and phenotypic markings currently used by animal owners.

"The eyePrint and other information about your horse can be stored in the eyeD processor for retrieval at any time," said David Knupp, marketing manager, Global Animal Management.

"The system is completely secure and information cannot be lost or stolen, unlike traditional paperwork. This is truly the next generation of equine identification," he said.

The technology was first shown during the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky last year.

Global Animal Management will demonstrate the eyeD identification technology at two events during the Paint Horse show before its official launch.

eyeD will serve as the sponsor of the day on November 5 and the presenting sponsor of the World Show clinician, Richard Winters (2009 Road To The Horse Champion), on November 10 and 11. World Show participants can register their horses to be among the first horse owners to use this system for horse identification and recovery.

Demonstrations will be held during the clinic on November 11 and during the Breeders' Trust Select Sale on November 5. eyeD will have a booth in the John Justin concourse throughout the World Show to provide information about the product.

Global Animal Management is a wholly-owned subsidiary of global animal healthcare supplier Merck and Co, Inc.



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